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What is an AlphaHam?

An AlphaHam is an amateur radio operator who is taking their hobby to the next level.  That can be done in as many ways as there are sub hobbies in ham radio, but to help point you in the right direction here are a few popular options.

-Upgrading your license to General or Extra.
-Elmering a less experienced ham.
-Helping the hobby by being a Volunteer Examiner.
-Trying out new operating modes or bands.
-Upgrading your primary station,  mobile station, or portable capabilities.
-Learning CW.
-Increasing your knowledge of subjects like electronics, Propagation, and radio theory.
-Passing traffic for the NTS.
-Joining MARS.
-Being involved in your local ARES or RACES.
-Volunteering at your local club.
-And much much more!